MBA 2011-2013

First Class Graduation Honors in ESERP Business School.
Two Dr. Edward prizes for:

  • Best Academic Record Graduation 2012/13 and
  • In merit to the excellence of the Final Project (maximum grade).


Staffordshire University
Managing Different Cultures in the 21st Century
✔ Managing cultural differences.
✔ Authentic Leadership.
✔ Engagement.
✔ Emotional Intelligence.

Maastricht School of Management
Shaping Leadership for sustainable work and Facility Management
✔ FM and Hospitality Management
✔ Strategic FM Challenges
✔ World around FM
✔ FM Visions / Leadership
✔ FM in a wide World
✔ Changing Stages
✔ Strategic Transformation and Competition

ECS Paris (European Communication School)
Leadership development & Team Leadership
✔ History of Leadership Theories
✔ Motivation & Empowerment
✔ Situational Leadership
✔ Leadership Transforms
✔ Developing Leadership Skills in Practice

University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden
East Asian Business Culture
✔ The five cultural dimensions of Hofsede
✔ The cultural world map of Inglehart
✔ Index of Corruption Perception
✔ Confucianism
✔ The 36 strategies of Tan Dao Ji

google Certificates:

✔Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam
✔Search Advertising Advanced (GAP)
✔Display Advertising Advanced (GAP)
✔Reporting & Analysis Advanced (GAP)
✔Google Mobile App Analytics Certificate
✔Ecommerce Analytics Course