Board Member

Executive Director of Moqu Adv, a leading international Digital Agency for ItaliaOnline products & Clients. Along with other online marketing activities, product development and content generation, Moqu Adv has ownership...


✔ MBA Graduated with Honours Summa Cum Laude. ✔ Board of Directors member as an Executive Director at MOQU ADV. ✔ 9 years experience in Sales and Marketing roles and...

MBA 2011-2013

First Class Graduation Honors in ESERP Business School. Two Dr. Edward prizes for: Best Academic Record Graduation 2012/13 and In merit to the excellence of the Final Project (maximum grade)....

My Vision of Coaching

When I started managing teams more than 6 years ago, I was obsessed with training people, teaching them any insignificant detail regarding their field of expertise, trying to teach people through my knowledge, through my experiences. Come on… let’s be honest, in those days, coaching was not even a fashionable...



Jan 2013 until now

Board Member at Moqu Adv. – ItaliaOnline Group (Dublin, Ireland)

PPC Director - Performance Advertising Division. ItaliaOnline Spa. is the largest internet company and Adwords reseller in Italy – Moqu Adv. is part of IOL Group since 2015. (more…)
2011 to Dec 2012

Head of PPC Operations & Country Manager, Dada Group (Dublin, Ireland)

Dada Spa is an International leader in domain registration, servers, website creation and Performance Advertising with offices in UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands & Portugal (more…)
Feb 2009 to Jan 2011

Spanish & South American Market Manager, Populis (Dublin, Ireland)

Populis is an European media company specialized in the content production and monetization of its products with offices in Italy, Ireland, Germany and Brazil. (more…)